“US” | Film Review

Jordan Peele has brought a second film that already has viewers discussing intently hidden
meanings, real life connections and various other theories regarding the film “US.” After
releasing another controversial film following “Get Out” we have yet another Psychological
Horror that that puts your brain in a frenzy. “US” starts out with some eerily presented facts
regarding underground tunneling systems in America and how many don’t have explained uses.
At this point Jordan is preparing us to connect real life with events happening in the film to give
you a sense of realism within the movie. The actual acting starts off with scenes of the
childhood of Adelaide at the beach carnival with her parents simply enjoying some of the games.
It then goes to where her father who has obviously succumb to alcohol is left in charge by his
wife to watch young Adelaide but of course does a careless job of doing so. Young Adelaide
then wanders off into the carnival where she sees a few interesting characters along the way one
in particular holding a sign saying Jeremiah 11:11 a biblical verse that says “Therefore thus saith
the Lord, Behold, I will bring evil upon them, which they shall not be able to escape; and though
they shall cry unto me, I will not hearken unto them.” This is a telling foreshadowing of what is
to come later. When Adelaide then reaches the house of mirrors where inside she finds a girl
that looks just like her but isn’t a reflection and is indeed real frightens her with the screen
cutting to black. I feel the start off was very nice giving us some origin story to the main
character and her connection to the future “tethering” coined by her double and added clues of
what is to come by the bible verse shown earlier by the weird man. I enjoyed that aspect
arguably the most the little subtle clues that Mr. Peele put throughout the film to show us what
we would see later. The flashbacks of young Adelaide after the events of running into her
double with her not talking in any of the scenes, her connection to dancing, her toy bunny she
kept until she was older to soothe her. There was a lot more to name which I’m sure I probably
even missed some myself, but this review would be a book trying to figure out and name them
all. Moving on to the suspense moments of the film they start with the family entering the beach
Adelaide fears from her childhood as she sees the dead body of the man who held the cardboard
sign Jeremiah 11:11 being taken into an ambulance which is the first red flag of evil on its way
in a horror film. Everyone knows anytime you see something telling from a flashback in a
present-day scene in a horror movie terror is sure to follow. We then get some slice of life
scenes with the family running into some friends having some back and forth banter discussing
material objects when we have our first small scare of the movie with Adelaide going into a
panic thinking she lost her son Jason. This prompts the family to quickly return home. After this
the film gets into the bulk of its suspense when all the doubles show up. I enjoy how creepy it
felt when they all came a to the house at night with the electricity cutting off (classic horror
movie red flag). It was nice seeing each double had their own unique personality. With Pluto
(Jason’s double) running around on all fours climbing in trees/bushes, Umbrae (Zora’s double)

with the creepy smile and love for running just like her counterpart. I felt all the connections,
along with the fighting/destructive killing scenes were done perfectly. The movie has a very
entertaining soundtrack. There was just enough gore in the movie without turning into a full-on
thrasher it kept viewers thinking and trying to put what felt like pieces of a puzzle together all the
way until the very end. Oh yes then there is the ending of the movie when the family has finally
taken down all their cloned counter parts and officially saved the day…. Or so we thought. The
ending revealing to us the night Adelaide went into the house of mirrors tunnel and was
kidnapped then switched out with her clone to me was a very surprising ending. Although
looking back on the movie in my second watch of the film there were many subtle clues of this, I
feel that most would be lying if they claimed to have predicted the ending. I feel for as much
detail as the movie had plus the fact the soundtrack was rather enjoyable a crazy plot twist
ending that has you wondering if the right person won in the end warrants the film a 9/10. It
may not have been the greatest movie ever but there was so much effort

put into the story on top
of the fact that it was very entertaining for me to give it any less. It was greatly enjoyable, and I
look forward to Jordan Peele’s future projects.

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