Movie Review | Captain Marvel (Spoilers)

As the countdown to Avengers Endgame on April 26 the continues the MCU makes one last stop heading into the grand finale of the current storyline with Captain Marvel. Not as familiar to the public eye as big names such as Ironman, Spider-Man, Hulk, Thor amongst other Avengers Captain Marvel still manages to do a solid job in introducing a new character with a prequel film just as Captain America First Avenger did before it. The character of Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers) comes off as a brash, confident, and a somewhat hotheaded individual who doesn’t mind taking the independent route to get the job done for the sake of a mission regardless what her peers may feel about it. This could lead to some possible interesting clash of personalities with the likes of Captain America and Ironman in the upcoming Endgame film. Carol’s first obstacle of having to deal with her memory loss and figuring out who she was isn’t what I expected. It wasn’t a bad aspect to the story but felt sort of cliché which can turn off some viewers. The constant visions of the Kree scientist, Maria, and her child gave the viewer some clues of the Krees eventual betrayal. Those who saw Guardians of the Galaxy could easily piece it together though with the constant calls secret calls to Ronan the Accuser by the head Kree soldiers in secret. The action within the movie isn’t the greatest the MCU has put together but still entertaining with some good bits of hand to hand and rampaging moments of Carol Danvers bulldozing over her opposition with some energy blasts here and there. With the scale of power shown in the film, it is fair to see why Carol Danvers would be helpful against the mighty titan Thanos but not convincing enough to be the savior some have felt she was billed to be.

Those were some original concerns with the film although I feel the ending answered, but we’ll get to that a little later. The dynamic of Carol Danvers and Nick Fury was quite fun they had some nice comedic interactions. Not only that but as the film went on the bond being built between the two felt genuine and not forced. It was realistic how the two were very skeptical of one another at first but gradually grew trust for the other as the film went on. The head Skrull Talos was a character with personality and brought life to every scene he was involved in. When revealed it was the Krees who were the true enemy and not the Skrulls he became a character you could get behind with his many heroic actions saving Fury and Maria multiple times or the reveal of his family, being scared for their safety towards the end brought some fast but effective development to his character. The inclusion of the tesseract or known to some as the cosmic cube was a relief personally. For the non-comic book readers who are not aware the tesseract is an object within the Marvel Universe that has power rivaling that of the Infinity Gauntlet and possibly exceeding it. This tells viewers that defeating Thanos won’t be in a way that seems the MCU just pulled out of nowhere and gives the hero’s a real shot at defeating the unstoppable villain. With the addition of a young Ronan the Accuser retreating at the end it sets up another known villain for a possible second installment of Captain Marvel. Overall, I would put this in the mid-tier level of MCU films probably not something I would be looking to watch over but was entertaining to see for the first time. The main takeaway is that it did its job of getting me more hyped for Avengers Endgame than I already was. More than ever I can’t wait to see Earth’s mightiest hero take revenge on the mad titan once and for all!

Wesley W.

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