Vinyl Family | Crate Digging With Cultivation

Join Dope Massive while we follow Cultivation around as he digs for some good music. This is the first episode of Vinyl Family and we hope you enjoy.

Immersed in music since the womb, Zachary Singleton, aka Cultivation, found his true calling at the somewhat older (in terms of musical proficiency) age of 18. Before this, he was an avid listener. His mother was born in St. Ann, Jamaica, the same parish as many old school reggae artists, such as Bob Marley and Winston Rodney (Burning Spear). She fed him a few good musical fruits, including artists like Bob Marley, Sade, Peter Gabriel, Genesis, Prince, Seal, Maxwell and D’Angelo. His father, born in Chicago, was fond of old school soul & R&B. He would play pretty much anything Motown, as well as the great Chicago artists, such as Jackie Wilson, The Impressions and Earth, Wind and Fire. They both had a great love for Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson, and you could see a young Cultivation trying to match Michael move for move. These were the sounds that started Cultivation down his musical path.


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