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Jazz & Blues. Poetry & Rap. Funk & Soul. Unlikely pairs? Not hardily. Established in 2015 Stoviink is everything you’ve never heard and everything you’ve never heard. With roots from New Orleans to Chicago, Storie Devereaux and Tovi Khali became a duo of undeniable chemistry creating a unique sound that invokes thought and excites a groove. As a collective, Stoviink is a dynamic writing and entertainment team. Individually, they are Creatives in their own right.

Chicago native Storie Devereaux is a Vocalist, Poet and an “occasional” emcee. With her start in Chicago’s underground spoken word venues, this self named “Storieteller” became locally known for her muted trumpet vocals, poetry and storylines, and her influences in Jazz, and (70’s) soul music. The most pivotal moment for Storie as an Artist was at a local open mic (Jazz &Java) in Chicago where she would express her first love for poetry and the spoken word. Majoring in music composition at Columbia College Chicago, Storie enhanced her innate understanding for songwriting and expounded on her ability to infuse poetry with jazz cultivating a sound specifically tailored around her vocal styling. In 2017 Storie Devereaux released her first EP, “DirtyRedVinyl” written and produced by Stoviink Creative. “Afterglow”, the single from the EP earned a spot on several playlists, college, internet, and satellite radio stations. Penning features with other indie Artists, and features throughout Chicago, and its surrounding cities, performances at the African Caribbean festival, and the Bronzeville Cultural Festival, while promoting social change Storie Devereaux has impressed an indelible mark as a multifaceted Artist.

At 12 years old sneaking down to the French Quarter in daylight to listen to live bands, Tovi Khali was birthed. A native of New Orleans, this, Songwriter, Vocalist, and all around Entertainer promises a display of brass band, funk, and soul mixed with gritty chest tones. To simplify, if Grace Jones and Issac Hayes had a love child, Tovi would be just that. Under the mentorship of Stephanie Spruill, (House of Spruill. Los Angeles, CA) Tovi found her own voice. Several collaborations and performances include Titus Fatso (Debbie Allen Dance Academy), New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, the Taste of Chicago, South Shore Summer Festival, opening act for Rebirth Brass Band, Kermit Ruffins, and several others. In 2017 Tovi released her second LP, “French Quarter Style” which played on several local radio stations in including Soul 106.3, internet radio stations, and several playlists. With over 15 years as a performer, entertainer, and creative Tovi Khali has become a Tour De Force.

Stoviink, is a perfect blend of creativeness hoping to preserve music of the Black Diaspora and be inspired by musical giants who helped cultivate and create a sound know as Blues Jazz. As servants to the groove, and keepers of the hearts and minds of those who listen, Stoviink aims to incite change, strengthen the heart, promote empowerment and a message of love in between notes and song.

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